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"8 Steps To Create A Funny Video That Will Skyrockets Sales"


Joseph Wilkins founded ProCreative Studios in 2000, which produced infomercials, TV spots & marketing videos for clients including Google, Linkedin, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, Chevrolet & Home Depot.
As viewing habits shifted away from TV, Joseph launched where he creates attention-grabbing "viral style" sales videos that get millions of views and converts cold traffic into sales.

With 20 years experience, hundreds of millions of views and over $250 MILLION in career sales, Joseph enjoys sharing 8 steps anyone can follow to drive sales on his podcast "How To Make A Video Go Viral."

“After 278 episodes, Joseph's was one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever recorded! Thank you for being so transparent with your entire 8 step process."

Ralph Burns • Host of DigitalMarketer's Perpetual Traffic Podcast

Harmon Brothers had Joseph on our podcast. He shared extremely valuable insights. He is sharp and has a fun demeanor. You won't regret having him."

Kent Lloyd • Host of Harmon Brothers Poop To Gold Podcast

Joseph was AMAZING presenting to my mastermind. He delivered actionable training that was value-packed. My elite marketers are not easily impressed, but feedback was overwhelmingly positive!"

Tom Brezee • CEO, Viewability
YouTube Ad Agency

Possible Interview Topics/Questions:

• How do these kinds of videos perform compared to traditional sales videos?

• What's the dirty secret to getting sales videos to "go viral?"

• What are the 8 steps you take every project through to get predicatable results?

• Do people really have the attention to watch longer videos these days? Prove it!

• What benefits are there to these videos OTHER than immediate sales?

• What kinds of companies are a good fit for these kinds of campaigns?

• How can marketers create low budget versions of these kinds of videos?

• How can people get a free copy of your ebook? 

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