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Ryan McKenzie • Co-Founder, Tru Earth

"I don't have another video ad that produced such a positive return on ad spend that quickly! 
We covered 100% of the cost of producing this video with the sales it generated in just a few hours of releasing it. It now has 80 MILLION views & MILLIONS in sales & climbing."

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"We partnered with FunnySalesVideos because of their track record with these types of videos. They took our script, written by Harmon Brothers and turned it into a MASTERPIECE! I couldn't believe how well it was done. They were considerably more reasonably priced & incredibly responsive to requests. 100% recommend!"

Seth Carnes • eCommerce Marketing, Pet Parents


“Since producing our FunnySalesVideo last year, our online sales have DOUBLED! I’m so grateful to the whole team for all they helped us accomplish and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow.” 

Sharik Peck • CEO, Rezzimax


"If you want the quality of a Harmon Brothers viral video for just a FRACTION of the price, FunnySalesVideos is THE place to go. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are. I highly recommend them."

Scott Brandley • Co-Founder, Trust Brands

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