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HOST: Joseph Wilkins

Joseph Wilkins started ProCreative Studios in 2000. His team created infomercials, TV spots & marketing videos for clients including Google, Linkedin, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Goldman Sachs & Home Depot.

As viewing habits shifted away from TV, Joseph launched in 2018. He now creates attention-grabbing "viral style" videos that drive millions of views that convert cold traffic into sales.

CO-HOST: Parker Krynen
Founder, Ricochet Digital

Parker has been a digital advertising strategist for over 12 years. He holds a master's degree in Digital Audience Strategy from ASU as well as an Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing from Cornell. He was the first employee of a Utah startup that made $66 million in its first year as well as the Sr. Digital Marketing Director for Lume Deodorant. He currently owns and operates a digital advertising agency called Ricochet Digital that specializes in launching video ads across social media channels with a combined 1 billion views of experience between him and his expert team. 

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