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Our Pledge:

Every time we are hired by a new client, we will make a $1,000 donation to Hearts & Hands For Humanity. 100% of this donation will go toward the construction of a new water well in Africa that will provide clean drinking water to approximately 3,500 people. Each well costs $7,500 to complete.

Optional Donation Match

If clients would like to match our donation, their company name will be included on the plaque at the site of the well their donation helps pays for. We will also send photos and video of this well being constructed and completed.

All donations will be paid directly to Hearts & Hands For Humanity.

Learn more about this incredible charity at

Clean Water Well #1

We are incredibly pleased to announce the completion of our first clean water well project in Uganda! Located at the Safi Junior School in Nswanjere, it now provides free clean water to around 3,500 villagers.